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CDC Recommended COVID-19 Solution for Small Businesses

As part of our on-going commitment to support our clients, Payroll Management Solutions is
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Goldstein Named Redondo Beach Man of the Year


Payroll Management Solutions, in Partnership with PayrollCentric, Acquires Apple One Payroll

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Patch Interview

Though located in Los Angeles, Payroll Management Solutions is a business owned by a longtime South Bay resident. Owner Steve Goldstein took the time to answer five questions from... Read More >> View All News

Owner Steve Goldstein Interviewed by Redondo Beach Mayor Steve Aspel

What we provide...

Proprietary Payroll Software

Our proprietary platform is an extremely flexible collection of Payroll and HR capabilities that are activated by the user. The PC based payroll software provides quick, easy, accurate payroll data entry and allows you to take control of your payroll. With its data storage and reporting features, including a report writer, you can access all of your payroll data effectively across a network or a single user on a stand-alone PC. Millennium is also available as a web-based program.

Features in the payroll software include:

  • Full Tax Service
  • Unlimited Direct Deposit
  • Void and Re-issue Functionality
  • Real-time Gross-to-net calculation with resident tax tables
  • Complete Payroll History
  • Workers Compensation
  • Report Writer
  • General Ledger
  • Time Off Accruals
  • Manual Check Printing
  • much more...